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Day Before Spray Tan

We cannot stress enough how IMPORTANT following all pre and post tan instructions really is!  PLEASE READ & FOLLOW CAREFULLY!!!

First!  Something to keep in mind: Your spray tan has to stay COMPLETELY DRY while processing.  This means plan it to wear you will not be getting wet, sweating, doing dishes (oh darn!) etc afterwards.  You will need to spray tan and chill.  We offer Rapid (1-4 hour rinse) and regular (8-12 hour rinse) options.

EXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN very well the day before your spray tan appointment.  You can do this with raw sugar if you don't have a body scrub.  Pay special attention to neck area, hands, elbows, and knees.  THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU CAN DO TO ACHEIVE A GORGEOUS SPRAY TAN!


AVOID showering within 6 hours before your spray tan.  


Pro tip: it is best to shower the day before. DO NOT SHOWER the day of your session for best results.

AVOID Dove products & moisturizers with oil before, or while maintaining your spray tan. If you have dry skin DO MOISTURIZE with something like Aveeno a few hours before your spray tan (just make sure there's NO fragrance or oil of any kind)


WAX OR SHAVE 1 Day BEFORE your sunless tanning session if needed.  Do not do these things the day of your session.  YOU ALSO WILL WANT TO GET MANICURES, PEDICURES, WAXES DONE 1-2 DAYS BEFORE YOUR SESSION.  NEVER the day of, or while maintaining your tan!!!

**PRO TIP: Most women's razors have a moisture strip.  This can create a barrier on skin that can prevent spray tan from properly attaching to and developing on skin.  It can also strip the spray tan after application.  We recommend picking up a Harry's Men's razor from Target to use pre and post spray tan.

REMOVE OR AVOID wearing make-up and body moisturizer as this acts as a barrier to the spray and stops the process from working properly.  Remove deodorant as this can cause skin to turn green when sprayed with solution.


You may wear as little as you like or a full bathing suit, or even gym shorts.  Most people just wear a g string, but this is a personal choice.  Please be mindful if you have a special dress or clothing you'll be wearing.  Any covered areas during a spray tan will leave tan lines!

BRING LOOSE FITTING CLOTHING to wear post spray tan & flip flops.  BRING A TOWEL TO SIT ON IN THE CAR.  Long sleeved, loose fitting shirts, and loose fitting pants are best to wear.  Bring a cloth to protect skin if wearing sleeveless or strapless top.  

IF RAINING - All skin will need to remain covered & stay completely dry post spray tan.  It will be important to remove anything restricting air flow to the tan as soon as possible for proper development of the spray tan.

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