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Preparing for Your Session

A few important things to know about your appointment👇

⏰️Each session takes approximately 25-30 minutes. (this includes application and 15-20 minutes of whitening under the light)

🦷 Sessions can be done together or separately.  I recommend 2 sessions the first visit as long as there is no discomfort. Typically there is little to no sensitivity even for those prone to it.  


The 3rd session can be done during the initial visit, done the following week, or saved for a touch up if desired depending on level of whitening needed/desired.  



AVOID dark liquids & foods (especially coffee, red wine, tomato based foods) for 12-24 hours after whitening.  The pores of teeth will be wide open during this time and highly prone to staining. 

🚫NO FOOD OR DRINK for one hour after procedure so be sure to have a snack or drink prior to it if needed. 

Our clients are provided with everything needed for their session.  Whitening gel is applied by client, not us in accordance to state law. Our solution is enamel safe, low sensitivity, all natural, and effective! 🦷🌟🙌

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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